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Cell phone or Internet in Italy?

I have now been traveling around Italy for the past week (Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Rome and Florence). I made the decision to not have a phone which has been fine. However, I have really missed an ongoing Internet connections. Others I talked with before my trip assured me there would be an Internet connection throughout Italy. I can tell you that there appear to be Internet connections throughout (because my iPhone shows there are), but they are all locked down. Maybe I’m not traveling in the right spots to find the right hot spots? Traveling on the train, there are Internet connections, but the directions are in Italian, so I need to see how to do that – and, of course there is a fee involved.

In addition, when I do get an Internet connection it is intermittent – it will work for awhile and then stop working. I didn’t know this, but the wind has something to do with a good Internet connection and that was evident in Rome during a wind and rain storm. My daughter, who is going to school in Florence, says this is how it is in Italy.

I am now going back to how I used to do things – type them up and when I do get an Internet connection, to copy and paste in my messages. So, doing everything in Google docs is not working, posting daily updates to Twitter won’t work and there will just need to be a time lag in sharing pictures on Facebook.

I also went for just traveling with my iPad, so I am learning more about the iPad can do each day as compared to my regular computer which can do everything. I am learning some of the limitations…and how to overcome them as compared to having a computer, which is good.

No doubt, there is incredible history, beautiful structures, and breath taking views across Italy which I enjoy daily.But I do miss the constant contact to the Internet of the US.

How about you…would you prefer to give up your access to Internet or a cell phone or both for a month?

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