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Is #LGBT History Important?

HistoryisQueerSignIn a word, yes.  LGBT Americans have a history in the same way people of other social movements are important. Early in America, one of the first big social movements was the fight for independence – and although not all early colonists agreed on the direction – America eventually gained its independence from England. The early documents – the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution – framed the structure for the government of the U.S.  Within these documents, it guaranteed all Americans life, liberty and happiness.  These documents don’t say that you only get life, liberty and happiness if you are not an immigrant or if you are not a certain religion or if you are not a certain gender or have a certain sexual orientation.  LGBT Americans fought alongside all Americans in every war and in every social movement in America.  So, it makes sense that LGBT Americans also have a history – and a story to tell. Alongside, the American Revolution, women’s rights, civil rights, African American rights, and Latino rights is the LGBT rights movement.  The history of the LGBT rights movement began many years ago but can be most tracked back to the 1950s that began with the signing of Executive Order 10450 by President Eisenhower – and along with the Red Scare, there was the Lavender Scare. This set in motion a series of actions that has moved America towards a more inclusive country. This is an important history and in California and other states, it is now being taught as part of what all students in school will learn.


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