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Mexico City climb

I had no idea what the Pyramids of Teotihuacan were before seeing them in person in Mexico City.  The first challenge was to climb the pyramid to the very top.  This is a sacred place – both in the physical and spiritual sense – from the physical perspective, it is a place that many choose to climb.  Before we climbed up the pyramid, we had heard that it could take 60 minutes to climb.  What we found is that it took between 15 and 20 minutes to climb the many stairs up to the top.  In the spiritual sense, this was the central place built by the Aztec people and was a place of worship – the center of the civilization at the time.  The largest pyramid is called el sol, the second largest called la luna, and then there are several smaller ones that can be visited.  The fascinating part is the fact that anthropologists are not sure who built these pyramids.  However, they do date back to the first century.  At the height of this time, some say there were 24 million people living in this area at that time before the conquistadors conquered the area.  This is the same amount of people now living in Mexico City.

This is one place to visit if you ever make it to Mexico City.  And, yes, allow yourself at least 3 hours to visit the three different pyramids of Teotihuacan.

We made it to the top at about 4pm in the afternoon and did not have time to visit the other smaller pyramids.  The exciting part was that once we were on the top, we heard thunder –  dark clouds soon formed overhead and it rained.   We walked down in the rain and  headed back to the bus.

Here is our group from CSU Fresno – we all made it to the top!  An outstanding trek if you ever make it to Mexico City.

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