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#BlendedLearning Implementation: Sustainability and The Big 3

Last week I wrote about the 6 Elements for the Implementation and Sustainability of Blended Learning initiatives that I helped develop for iNACOL. The six elements that are needed to sustain and implement a blended learning program include: leadership, professional development, teaching/instructional practice, operations and policies, content and technology.

Within each of these elements, there are specific tools, strategies and pedagogy that need to be considered. And there are what many of us would consider “The Big 3” areas that will help to sustain the blended learning program. These three areas are: Cost, Evaluation and Quality. The questions to ask regarding each of these areas are listed after each below.


  • Which ongoing and one-time funds will be used for supporting the blended learning initiative?   One-time funds may be used for implementation of the program. However, identifying ongoing funding for all aspects of the initiative are critical for sustainability. These areas for ongoing funding include professional development for both administrators and teachers, technology, content, support, and devices.


  • What ongoing metrics will provide ongoing information about the progress of the blended learning initiative? What type of ongoing surveys for teachers and students will provide ongoing progress towards the goals? Formative assessments that are both academic and non-cognitive will guide the initiative forward. Simply using end-of-the-year standardized test scores is not enough to provide the ongoing needed information to ensure success of the program. Remember, blended learning initiatives can be messy, so identifying metrics that are not necessarily used in traditional school programs will help to further the goals of the program.


  • How will you determine that the teaching and content in the blended program is of high quality? What should a school administrator be looking for when observing and evaluating blended teachers? Ongoing quality control should be built into the initiative similar to the ways textbooks are selected for courses or the way that specific teaching objectives are identified for teachers to utilize. Overall, look at the established goals and then agree on what quality will look like at each stage of the implementation.

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