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Clash of ages on NPR

I enjoyed hearing the NPR story entitled:  “The clash of ages: how technology divides workers.”   You can read the article or listen to the conversation.    The article explains:

Eric Pro, a 19-year-old electrical engineer at Aquas Inc. in Bethesda, Md., takes a few seconds out from his workday to send a quick text message on his T-Mobile Sidekick. He says he’s in trouble with his girlfriend and he’s trying to smooth things out….   In fact, 62 percent of Gen Y workers say they engage in social networking from work. That’s according to LexisNexis, an online information service. The results of LexisNexis’ Technology Gap Survey show vastly different attitudes about appropriate technology use among various generations in the work force. And this is creating a clash of cultures — especially during meetings.

Another example of what Don Tapscott describes in his book, Grown Up Digital, illustrating how Gen Y or the Net Generation is changing the world of work.  Can education be far behind?

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