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The ongoing conversation about schooling

The ongoing conversation about school continues today with this post by Chris Lehmann where he states that he is “against for-profit companies running schools as for-profit ventures.”  Gary Stager followed up with a post where he agrees with Chris and states, “Since the evidence supporting computerized teaching systems has been weak since WWII, the dystopians and their bankers pushing this idea feel compelled to dress it up in fancy names like “Carpe Diem,” “Flipped Classroom,” “School of One,” “Blast,” “Khan Academy,” etc….”  Gary also referred to writings of Seymour Papert to reinforce his thoughts and referred to a post from Will Richardson where he liked the statement Chris made calling “for-profit education a thin value proposition.”  Will, in his past posts here and somewhat here continues to question the value of for-profit companies running schools.  Another voice that seems to support this perspective is Diane Ravitch who discusses privatization here and big business charter schools here.

I continue to wonder…

  • What is education reform?
  • Should the conversation and action regarding education reform only occur within traditional public school systems?
  • What is the solution to the  30% of students who drop out of high school without a diploma each year?
  • How do we engage learners – especially African-American and Latino males – in school that leads to a high school diploma?
  • How do we engage all learners so all students are excited about learning?
  • Are students only engaged in learning if they are in face-to-face traditional classrooms with a teacher in room?

And then this update from an article I read after posting the above…How do we engage learners when many reports like this one show that poverty is the issue?


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