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Disrupting Class and the future of education

I read the book, Disrupting Class, about a month ago – see my blog posts.  Reading this book has caused me to pay closer attention to the term “disruptive innovation” and in particular, what educational trends could be considered a Disruptive Innovation.  The authors of the book continue to blog in response to the book.  They also main a blog as part of their company, Innosight.

I just came across this article entitled, ” The Future of Education” written by futurist Thomas Frey and his associates (March 2007) that validates many of the ideas put forth in the book, Disrupting Class .  Interestingly, this article was written prior to the book being published.  Frey maintains his own blog and his group has a blog titled, Impact Lab.

And, recently, Frey was interviewed about the future of education where he suggests that education will become an “i-tunes model”,  that within two years, there will be Multi-Couseware Builder that will make online courses available worldwide and that libraries need to move to become “creation” institutions.

Here is the interview:

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