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Dad and Daughter Road Trip Planning #dadanddaughterroadtrip

As the summer began, I had hoped there would be time for my daughter and I to take a little vacation before she began her MA studies at New York University in Museum Studies. The opportunity presented itself in the form of a Prezi she sent me suggesting that after a friend’s wedding in Oregon, we could continue north for a week to explore Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. 

Over the next month or so, we would identify how many nights we would stay in each place. She had the things she wanted to do and I had the things I wanted to do. Most of the figuring out was done via Google Docs where we had a list of “Brittany wants to do” and “Rob wants to do” to see what things we had in common. 

We both commented at one point that if we had planned this vacation 10 years ago, it would have been by looking at printed maps and possibly a trip to AAA to create a “Trip Tic” that we would carry with us to guide our navigation. With the map apps on our respective phones, no paper map is being carried. When we decide we want something to eat, there is an App for that. When we want to see where the next museum or theater might be, there is a map for that.

  • The initial trip was mapped out via Prezi.
  • The trip planning was done via Google docs and by phone.
  • All reservations were made online and stored in Google docs and via email for access.
  • The ongoing navigation would be via an App.

 It has been fun planning this vacation with my digital daughter.

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