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Cue, Vicki Davis and Differentiated instruction

It was a pleasure hearing Vicki Davis talk about Differentiated Instruction and the use of  technology.  As she so eloquently explained, with technology, differentiation is much easier.  Some of the great things she said are on my Twitter, but I’ll list a few here:

– It is important to call “social networking” educational networking.
– She talked about the six frames for education:  educational networking, wiki, student personal learning network, audio creation, video creation, and global connections.
– She applied these six frames to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (linguistic, logical-mathematical, naturalist, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal).  She has a great graphic illustrating this.  See her slideshow on slideshare.

She shared this great video about how kids view education and the future.  This is a MUST SEE and MUST SHARE Video!

Cue, El Sig, iNacol and Curriki

The CUE Conference in Palm Springs has been filled with lots of great networking opportunities.  On Thursday evening, the E-Learning Significant Interest Group or El Sig met.  The room was filled with people from schools, districts and company representatives whose common goal is to help others to learn the power of online learning for students in California.

At the conference, CUE became the first affiliate of iNacol – the international K-12 online learning organization.  Allison Powell, the VP of iNacol was here to help celebrate.

Allison joined us at the El Sig reception and met Joshua Marks from Curriki.  Joshua asked Allison what Curriki had to do to become a partner of iNacol.  Allison took out one of her business cards and handed it to Joshua and said, “Now we are partners!”  The picture below records this moment.   The important part of this, aside from great organizations networking with one another, is it illustrates the Web 2.0 philosophy of collaboration and sharing.  This collaboration and sharing is what will change education – to make it more engaging for all students!

L to R, Jackie Francoeur, Orange USD; Allison Powell, iNacol; Joshua Marks, Curriki.

L to R, Jackie Francoeur, Orange USD; Allison Powell, iNacol; Joshua Marks, Curriki.

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