California CTC Updating Ca Standards for the Teaching Profession #caedchat

It was a pleasure to testify as part of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing online for the draft of the updated California Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Teacher Performance Expectations. There was a group of people physically in the room and 25 people and groups who joined the meeting online from a distance. Here is what it looked like from my computer.


With several colleagues in California, we emphasized the importance of the difference between designing a technology rich environment and integrating technology (e.g. blended and online learning) into the classroom on a daily basis. Some of the comments I shared were the following:

In the 20th century it was fine to design and implement technology-rich environments.

But in the 21st century, teachers should be integrating technology on a daily basis with their students. No longer should technology be confined to a once a week visit to the computer lab to do something that does not directly align with what is being taught in the classroom. Our students deserve more than that.

I would encourage you to consider these documents as you update the California Standards for the Teaching Profession:

  1. CUE’s Leading Edge Certification Standards
  2. The iNACOL Teaching Standards for Blended and Online learning
  3. The ISTE NETs Standards
  4. The Christensen Institute work in Blended Learning

Teachers throughout California want to be prepared to meet the needs of what is being termed “Generation Z” who are people who are today ages 0-20. We want to make sure the teachers of Generation Z are truly prepared with the digital tools and pedagogy to adequately meet their needs.

CSTP #4 addresses “Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students”. In conversation with the committee members, we examined #7 principle that states: “Using content pedagogy, subject matter, and educational technology knowledge, teach students how to use digital tools to learn, create new content, and demonstrate their learning.”

I believe that educational technology, blended and online learning should be specifically addressed with a #8 with wording such as:

#8: Teachers effective integration of technology is achieved when teachers and students utilize it on a daily basis for teaching and learning which includes knowing which technology to use when, when to utilize blended and online learning tools, when to use other technologies such as hand-held devices or phones, and how to present and interact with online technology tools.

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  1. 1 CUE (@cueinc) October 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Well written, Rob! Thanks for participating!

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