#ce14 #blendedlearning strand Archives, Recordings and Reflections

Connected Educator Month (October) is coming to a close but the learning continues. First, the Connected Educator Month Town Hall meeting will take place on Monday, Nov. 3 (3:30 EST / 12:30 PST).


Second, it was a pleasure to host the blended learning strand on behalf of CUE. Some of the blended learning insights that were shared included:

  • The blended learning definition is normative and continues to be refined based on changing technologies.
  • To continue to learn about blended learning it is important to identify ways to measure blended learning progress.
  • One way to identify how blended learning is being used is by putting together a survey such as the eLearning Census in California
  • Blended learning allows students to better have a seat at the “learning” table and become more engaged in their learning in a way that has not been possible in the past
  • Blended learning can lead to and facilitate personalized learning
  • With open educational resources, content is much easier to find for teachers now to use in blended learning classrooms
  • Blended learning is more than simply a tech rich classroom
  • Using data to inform instruction for the teacher is a key part of being a blended learning teacher
  • Blended learning should be more of a “verb” than a “noun”

Listed below are the archives of the blended learning webinars:

Blended Learning Panel 1: What is Blended Learning and What are the Best Implementation Strategies? (Oct. 6, 2014)

  • Discussed the ongoing definition of blended learning and implementation strategies.
  • Panel Members Heather Staker, Christensen Institute; Allison Powell, iNACOL; Mike Lawrence, CUE; and Rob Darrow, Blended Teacher Network
  • Recording Here. *** Slide deck here.

Blended Learning Panel 2: Blended Learning and Teaching. What does it take to be an effective blended teacher? (Oct. 13)

  • Discussed what it means to be a blended learning teacher.
  • Panel: Blended Learning Teachers: Meghan Jacquot, English teacher,Fusion Academy, California; Haley Hart, Science teacher, EAA, Detroit, Michigan; Jeff Gerlach, 7th Grade Social Studies / Instructional Designer, Michigan Virtual University, Detroit, Michigan; Brian Thornley, Algebra II Honors teacher, Huntley, Illinois; Lesley Farmer, Professor, Librarianship, California State University, Long Beach, California;
  •  Recording   *** Slide Deck

Blended Learning Panel 3: Blended Learning and Leadership. What are the best ways for administrators to support blended learning? (Oct. 20)

  • Discussed barriers and solutions to blended learning leadership.
  • Panel: Blended Learning Leaders, Administrators and Support Teachers: Anna Gu, Research Assistant, Christensen Institute, California; Anne Pasco, Blended Learning/Ed Tech Department Chair, Huntley High School, Huntley, Illinois; Brian Bridges, Coordinator eLearning Strategies Symposium; California eLearning Census; Travis Phelps, St. Justin Catholic School, San Jose, California.
  • Recording *** Slide Deck

Blended Learning Panel 4: Reflections and Insights about Blended Learning. (Oct. 27, 2014)

  • Discussed key aspects of blended learning including the importance of professional development, and how we need to talk about verbs rather than nouns to better engage learners.
  • Panel: Andrea Ferrero, Manager, Blended Learning, CFY, NY. aferro@cfy.org;  Tina Silverstein, Instructional Designer, Alameda County Office of Education, Ca. tsilverstein@acoe.org;  Lee Collver-Richards, Teacher, Los Angeles USD, Ca. lacr@sbcglobal.net;  Adina Sullivan, Education Technology Coordinator, San Marcos Unified, San Marcos, Ca. Adinaeducation@gmail.com ; Rob Darrow, CUE / Blended Teacher Network, Ca. robdarrow74@gmail.com.
  • Recording *** Slides


See the archives from the Fall CUE conference (Oct. 24 and 25) that included blended learning related sessions including:

  • Keynote by Lucien Vattel: The Importance of Game Based Learning
  • Keynote by Diana Laufenberg: Creating the Classrooms We Need
  • The Great iPad vs. Chomebook Showdown 2014
  • Launching and Maintaining a Blended Learning Program
  • How Good Ideas Spread
  • YouTube – Engage, Educate and Inspire Your Students with Powerful Video
  • Creating Spoken Word Poetry to Inspire Social Change
  • Minecraft Projects for Every Classroom
  • Level Up! Classroom Gamification for Even the Non-Gamer

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