#FALLCue Live! #BlendedLearning and #CE14 Join Us from a Distance!

Slide1Connected Educator Month continues through the end of October. If you have not yet checked it out, see the calendar here and type in “blended learning” in the search and you’ll find all of the blended learning related session in the next week.

In support of Connected Educator Month, CUE is making a number of their Fall CUE keynotes and selected sessions live streamed for anyone to join on October 24 and 25 2014. If you join, please use the hashtags #FallCUE and #ce14 via Twitter to ask questions via the back channel.

All of the info about registering and joining the live streamed events can be found here or here.

Of special interest may be the Blended Learning Panel entitled “Launching and Maintaining a Blended Learning Program” that will discuss personalized learning and implementation of blended learning activities. This session will take place on Friday, October 24, 2014 at 1:15 EST / 10:15 PST. More information on this specific session can be found here. Participants from a distance can be part of this session and the conversation by logging into the session’s Today’s Meet to share ideas and ask questions.

The keynotes include presentations from Lucien Vattel and Diana Laufenberg.

Friday, October 24, 4:00 pm PST / 7:00 EST: Lucien Vattel. We Learn Best When We Experience, Interact and Connect

As an education trailblazer and game development visionary, Vattel is at the forefront of a nationwide crusade to revolutionize learning in the classroom and beyond. Vattel is the CEO of GameDesk, the Los Angeles-based interactive curriculum creator and digital publisher, which is transforming the traditional school model into a hands-on, digitally-charged ecosystem for students to discover and nourish their greatest gifts all while embracing STEM skills through game-based learning. Building on this methodology, Vattel founded and is Co-Director of PlayMaker, a next-generation, choose-your-own adventure middle school program designed to help teachers and students transcend the confines of textbooks and chalkboards. After securing the largest contribution in AT&T history, Vattel currently leads the design and development of a Los Angeles-based digital learning center and fully comprehensive online portal for educators.

Saturday, October 25, 3:30 pm PST / 6:30 EST: Diana Laufenberg. Creating the Classrooms We Need
Her keynote, ‘Creating the Classrooms We Need’ will discuss how our schools hold immense potential for authentic and experience-based learning in this age of information surplus. Since educators are teaching and students are learning in a landscape where students no longer have to come to school to get their information, never have educators had such amazing opportunities to think creatively about their practice. Never has it been so important for educators to provide students with innovative and dynamic learning. Laufenberg’s keynote will provide practical classroom examples of activities and assessments and will challenge audience members’ thinking on what it means to teach and learn in today’s schools.

The topics of other concurrent sessions being streamed include:

  • The Great iPad vs. Chomebook Showdown 2014
  • Launching and Maintaining a Blended Learning Program
  • How Good Ideas Spread
  • YouTube – Engage, Educate and Inspire Your Students with Powerful Video
  • Creating Spoken Word Poetry to Inspire Social Change
  • Minecraft Projects for Every Classroom
  • Going 1-to-1 with Chromebooks
  • Level Up! Classroom Gamification for Even the Non-Gamer

Looking forward to seeing you online or via Twitter with #FallCUE and #CE14 hashtag.


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