#BlendedLearning Continuum and Rocketship Si Se Puede

I am gradually writing about California schools I have visited in the past year and applying the “From Textbook Enhanced to Online Teaching and Learning Continuum” to each school in an effort to better clarify what blended learning looks like. I wrote about the list of schools here.

School: Rocketship, Si Se Puede Academy (K-5, Charter, San Jose, Ca. Opened in 2009. 658 students).

  • Students attend all day
  • Blended Learning Models: Rotation and Flex.
  • Spending per student: $8,382 (according to School Report Card)

Rocketship Charter schools have been the trail blazers in the use of blended learning. I had heard about Rocketship schools for years and was pleased to be able to visit. Upon walking into the school, the first thing that becomes evident is that there is a strong culture in the school, very much focused on learning. Students wear uniforms to school and appeared engaged in learning in the classrooms I visited including the computer lab. Teachers were passionate, enthusiastic, and systematic in delivering instruction to students.

Computer Use/Blended Learning: Students in grades 1-3 participate in a rotation station model of blended learning in that they rotate into a computer lab each day, specifically for use of math and reading software programs. Grades 4 and 5 were in one large room that included computers and several teachers and instructional aides. As of the 2014-15 school year, Rocketship switched back to a computer rotation model for grades 4 and 5.

Blended Learning Continuum: Based on the “From Textbook to Online Teaching and Learning Continuum”, Rocketship Si Se Puede is primarily a “Web Enhanced” School. This school could move to the blended learning column by employing a learning management system such as Edmodo or Moodle and more of the teacher instruction was viewable via the Web (e.g. online newsletters, teacher videos, etc.). It is possible this school does employ these types of strategies, but they were not visible during the visit.


Find detailed continuum information here.


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