#280EdTech Doctoral Students Blogging

I finished my doctorate at California State University, Fresno in 2010. It was three years of engaging in a variety of academic intercourse with professors and colleagues on a wide range of topics from school finance to school reform. It was three years of great learning and transformation. At the end of each year, our cohort would be pulled together to ask our opinion about how the program was going. Every year I would suggest that there were many components of this face-to-face degree that could be offered online – I was frustrated because none of the program was offered online.

As a result of my nudging, the university hired me back to coach doctoral professors in how to teach in a blended learning environment and assist in designing assignments that could be offered from a distance via different online technologies. For two years, I worked one-on-one with professors discussing which online tools they would like to use.  Recently, I was invited to teach the Doctoral Course elective focused on Educational Technology – I am now having to take my own advice on how to design and teach a blended learning course. In the design of the course, I wanted to make sure students had the experience of blogging and using Twitter. The syllabus reflected this as one of the ongoing assignments is to write a weekly blog reflecting on their learning in the course. I set up a wiki where we could keep track of what we were doing in the course.

Our class met face-to-face one time and the rest of our interaction has been via Google Hangout offered twice a week so that students could choose which night would work best for them.

This week I challenged students to start Tweeting out their blogposts as another way to connect with the world. I said I would start the process.  And Tweet out this blogpost with our hashtag #280EdTech.

In addition to Tweeting this out, I’m sending out a “Trackback” for the student blogposts listed below. I invite you to comment as well. Some excellent wisdom here!


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