California, Did You Know?

I enjoyed reading Scott McLeod’s blog post about “Iowa, Did You Know” this morning.  I also enjoyed seeing how the “Did You Know” videos have morphed over the years. Then, I saw Lucy Gray’s blog post entitled “Illinois, Do You Know.”

After viewing the “Iowa, Did You Know” video, I immediately thought about the similar statistics for California.

  • Percentage of yearly High School Students who Graduate in California:  71% (Iowa is 85%). NCES (2011)
  • Percentage of people with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher: 30.8% (Iowa has 25%).  CPEC (2007)
  • Percentage of people with a Graduate Degree:  10.8% (Iowa has 8%). CPEC (2007)

No doubt that many of the stats from Iowa about the populations in schools, the number of students now attending charter schools,  the decrease in funding for public schools, and how curriculum is delivered in Iowa, is the same for California and other states.

I’d be happy to work with someone more video-savvy than me to put together the “California, Did You Know” video. The “Iowa, Did You Know” video has a Creative Commons License so we can edit and reuse the pertinent parts.

Perhaps Scott McLeod will share where he got the statistics for the Iowa specific stuff, which would help those of us in other states to get the stats for our states.  The references for the stats are probably in one of his resources, but I could not find them.

Well done…and very motivating!  Watch the 7-minute video for yourself.


3 Responses to “California, Did You Know?”

  1. 1 Scott McLeod (@mcleod) August 7, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Sources for each statistic are at the end of the video. They scroll by like movie credits so pause it for the ones you want!

    FYI, we’ll have source files for downloading early this coming week at

    Thanks for helping us spread the word about the video and the need for our schools to SHIFT!

  2. 2 Rob Darrow, Ed.D. August 7, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Perfect. Thanks. Looked at several of the references and they will be very helpful if other states create their own Did You Know videos!

  3. 3 Penelope Swenson October 16, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Great project. Hope it gets done. We do need it. Saw an op ed by Nevada’s Republican Gov about the crucial need for education!
    He is right. The new economy requires educational accomplishment.

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