TedXMinarets Speaker: Food and Politics

We (Jon Corippo, Chris Scott and myself) advertised for speakers for TedXMinarets via email, Twitter and our website.  In addition, we called people we knew would be excellent speakers with outstanding ideas.

I emailed out to the various doctoral cohorts at Fresno State to invite them to speak and share their ideas.  My doctoral colleague, Klaus TenBergen, was one of those people who responded and was excited to share his story and ideas.  Klaus and I met for coffee to discuss his ideas for his TedX talk.  Even though I had spent 3 years with him in doctoral courses, there were many things about where he lived that I did not know and were fascinating.  Through the conversation, he shared with me that “Food, Politics and Education” have a bond.  He explained how he had lived in West Berlin when the Berlin Wall came down and then he lived in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was released from prison and became President of South Africa.  Now, Klaus is developing the Culinology program at Fresno State.  Before I met Klaus, I had never heard the word “culinology” let alone knew what it meant.

I think you will enjoy getting to know Klaus as he shares his story at TedX Minarets on Aug. 5.

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