TedX Minarets – The Back Story

For many years, I have followed TED talks and the different videos of the talks that would make their way onto YouTube.  I was happy when the TED organization made all of their talks available online and shared more about the philosophy of TED because I knew that the chance for me to ever attend a TED was not likely.  I applauded TED when they added the TedX idea and have watched how it expanded the reach of these talks because I really do believe that everyone has an idea that can be shared.

One Saturday, I learned that the TedX San Jose event was going to be broadcast, so I thought I would watch one or two of the talks from a distance on my computer but ended up spending almost the whole day online watching and listening to the variety of talks.  One of my favorite talks from this event was by Margo McAuliffe, a 60-something Grandmother who became passionate about educating girls in Kenya.

The following weekend, I saw a Tweet from my colleague, Jon Corippo, who also lives in Central California.  He and I have shared tech and education stories for many years.  His tweet announced that TedX Minarets had just been approved by the TedX people and that it would be held on August 5.  He then introduced me to Chris Scott who, as a result of attending the Rock Star Academy put on by Jon and CUE,  the previous summer, had written the proposal to have a TedX event at Minarets School in the foothills west of Yosemite.

The three of us have not met face-to-face one time in planning this event (first, used Elluminate and then GooglePlus Hangout) and have used the tech tools we all know to move the event forward.  We are excited about the great speakers who responded, some coming from out of state and some who have said that speaking at a TED event has been on their “bucket list.”

At this point, we are feeling a bit nervous, because we may have more speakers at the event than attendees.  But, as we all know, it is really the process of the event and the people who do attend the event that matter.  We know we will have dynamic conversations whether there are 20 attendees or 100…and we know it will begin to transform education around the theme of Imagination, Education, Inspiration.  Hope to see you there on August 5.  Seats are still available to attend!

PS – Join us at TedXms and then spend the weekend in Yosemite!


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