4tVirtualCon and Aula 2.0

I have been following and enjoying the Professional Development Virtual Conference put on by the University of Michigan School for Education entitled “Teachers Teaching Teachers About Technology” or 4T Virtual Conference.  The event runs from May 22-25 and includes a variety of speakers and topics including use of Twitter, Blended Learning, mobile devices and the classroom, Moodle, etc.  Sessions run from 2:45-9:00 EST.  All sessions are archived here.  The opening keynote by Barry Fishman from the University of Michigan was about the National Educational Technology Plan.  He did a great job of explaining how these plans are ideas to inform legislators and not policy.  I learned more about the ins and outs of Twitter in this session.  I look forward to the closing keynote at 9pm EST on Wed. May 25 by Lisa Dawley from Boise State University about “Game Based Environments”.

Due to demand, the free registration is still open.  Congratulations to the staff and students who put on this virtual conference (Twitter: #4tvirtualcon).  I hope we see more Schools of Education around the U.S. doing just this.  My personal pet peeve about many university courses is the fact that so much of what goes on in university classrooms stays in university classrooms and is never shared outside the four walls of a lecture hall.

At the same time, Aula 2.0 (the Spanish speaking version of Classroom 2.0 according to Steve Hargadon), is also putting on a virtual conference entitled “Le Mejor de Nosotros” or “the best of us!”.  You can see and participate in this conference as well.  It helps a lot to understand Spanish to participate in this one :-).


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