Writing a blog takes time and reflection.  I continue to admire those who can blog something every day or several times a week.  There is definitely a regimen that must be followed in order for that to occur.  I have continued to read blogs of people like Michael Barbour, Doug Johnson, Steve Hargadon, and Joyce Valenza.

I have been on an unscheduled hiatus from this blog for a variety of reasons, but  perhaps I should have continued writing despite the things in my life that  prevented me from doing so.  I know from listening to authors  that most write on a daily basis and that is what   eventually turns into a book.  The easiest way of not writing  is to say I don’t have time to do so or I have other things to do.

Suffice it to say that following all the writing that I did for my dissertation that I was just all written out  (I know, after writing a dissertation, I should have more to write)…but I was tired.  The doctorate filled almost every spare moment for three year.  Then, just when I was ready to finish my time off, my dad passed away…after my mom passed away 11 months earlier.  My 4 siblings and I were forced into a world we had not experienced…funeral planning, decisions about our family home, and the disposition of our parent’s estate which is still going on today.  I am the type of person who gains energy when things are finished.  However, with an estate, it takes time for things to be finished.  I have learned to better accept this fact and am happy to move on to writing again.

What motivated me to start writing again?  This past weekend I attended the Computer Using Educators (CUE11) conference in Palm Springs. During the conference I caught up with many colleagues I had  not seen in awhile.  Listening to the various speakers and interacting with various colleagues reminded me that there is lots  happening with technology in education.  In my opinion,  the most revolutionary change occurring in education right now is online learning and online charter schools.  There is tremendous growth in both.  So, I thank the CUE conference and all of the people I spoke with, listened to, and tweeted with for helping me to get back  into the blog writing mode!

In addition, the positivity  blog written by Henrik Edberg posted the Mahatma Ghandi quote last week which also helped me move forward back into blog writing. I invite everyone to live by: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”


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