Doctorate hooding and commencement

The last two days have been a whirlwind of pageantry, receptions, pomp and circumstance at CSU Fresno.  I have been part of the first cohort of educational doctoral students graduating from CSUFresno.  (Here is one other article). Together our group began three years ago.  This will begin the start of a series of posts about my doctorate journey as well as my dissertation.  However, I want to first reflect on the past two days which began, first, with the doctoral hooding ceremony.  I learned that the idea of hooding dates back to the late 1880s and developed from religious garb.

One of the commencement speakers stated that less than 30% of Americans have a college degree and that less than 5% earn a doctorate.  In looking at the latest Census Bureau statistics, it shows about 60,000 people earn doctorates on a yearly basis and that 8,000 are in education.  So,  I have now joined this group.  It has been an exciting academic journey.  What made this a most enjoyable journey were the cohort members who traveled the same journey with me.  Although I have not read much research about the cohort model, it worked for encouraging 19 out of 21 who started, to finish their doctoral degrees!

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