Welcome to the “official” first day of school!

I had to laugh at myself today.  Today is our official first day of school of the Clovis Online School.  I mistakenly posted this note here, but then thought, oh well, others can see this as well.  I’m blogging daily to the students and parents of the online school here.  The first day in an online school is just as exciting as the first day in any school!

Here is the blog entry I sent out to our students and parents:

Welcome to you – the students and parents!  You are the “innovators” and early adopters of this online school.  I am excited to watch how the online school will grow with your help.

Today is the first day of school.  As you know, the teachers have been preparing for this official first day for several months.  In IMing with many students, I know you are excited, nervous, and unsure how this will work all at the same time.  Hopefully, the things below can help you get off to a good start with this school year!


You’re probably tired of hearing me say this, but this is important.  Write down your school schedule on a calendar and follow it.  Log into Moodle and click into your classes every day, just to see how things look.  Has anything changed in your class?  Have you posted information in the Forum of each class?  Have you updated your Moodle profile so it has your correct email address (click on Participant in the upper left hand corner)?


Do you remember this from training?  Here are these reminder lessons.  It will be confusing at first, but don’t be afraid to click around each one of your classes to see what is there.  You don’t have to do all of the work right now, but take a time to look at all assignments that are posted.

And we are here to help you…we want you to be successful! Here are some ways you can get help:

  • In Moodle: The Forum/Discussion Board of each course has a place for you to post your questions.
  • In Person: Come hang out with us Monday-Thursday from 9-12.  Wewill be  in the computer lab  for any student or parent who wants to come and do their work or has questions.  Bring your computer or use one of ours.
  • Teacher Blogs: Your teacher’s blogs have up to date information about their courses.  (Have you added each teacher blog to your iGoogle page?  If not, here are the directions to do so).
  • IM:  Someone will almost always be available from 8-8 on the Windows Live Helpline.  Log in and say hi or ask a question.
  • Phone: During the day, we are in the office, so feel free to call (559-327-4400)


So, check these things off as you complete them today:

  • Logged into Moodle, clicked into each course and done one thing in each class.
  • Have all teacher blogs and this blog on my iGoogle page.
  • Have a Public Library Card and have the library card number and password (this will be even more important later this week)

Good job and I’ll be back here tomorrow blogging with you.  (And you can always email me your thoughts as well).

– Rob


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