Online Teachers need to FLASH!

flash.cartoonI am working on putting together the Clovis Online School Online Teacher Institute for next week.  In addition to the multiple aspects of online teaching, I wanted to have some ideas or concepts that these teachers would remember if they become online teachers.  I have admired Michael Stephens’ mantra he shares as part of his presentations.  He says that library professionals need to:

  • Learn to Learn
  • Adapt to Change
  • Scan the Horizon

Online teachers need to do the same, but there are a few additional concepts they need to embrace.  So, adding these other items in, I will share that online teachers need to FLASH!

  • Focus on Students
  • Learn to Learn
  • Adapt to Change
  • Scan the Horizon
  • Hug the concept of teamwork, collaboration, co-learning and continuous improvement

Face-to-face teachers and online teachers have to be somewhat super-human to meet the needs of their students every day and I’ve always liked the fictional cartoon character, Flash, so I think this will work.  Any other thoughts?


1 Response to “Online Teachers need to FLASH!”

  1. 1 JackieS August 7, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    I like your FLASH.
    It makes good sense.
    – Jackie

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