Literacy 2.0 theme for ASCD Magazine

The Association for Supervision and Development (ASCD) publishes a monthly magazine called Educational Leadership.   The theme of the March 2009 issue is entitled “Literacy 2.0.”  There are a variety of great articles, of which only a few are available online.  Will Richardson has an excellent article entitled, “Becoming Net-work wise” – Will writes about it here.

One of the articles that is available in full text is an opinion piece written by Dr. Doug Reeves, expert on school reform and school leadership.  The title of his article is “Three Challenges of Web 2.0.”  He asserts that educators should distinguish “between promoters who are attached to short-term ideas and partners who see technology as a means to an end—enhanced learning.”    He then laments about a high school speech course he teaches and when students have to do research, they jump on the computer “work longer and less efficiently with a search engine than they would have by consulting a carefully chosen reference book.”  Reeves rightly characterizes the use of Wikipedia as an “insufficiently credible source without supplementary documentation…”   At the end of his article, Reeves states that “online interaction will never replace the human connections that underlie the most powerful education.”   I think this is true.   However, Generation Y may see this differently.   Online interaction can be an effective means of education if teacher and student are not in the same place at the same time.  Susan Lowes has provided some of the latest research demonstrating this.

Overall, if you know someone who has this issue of Educational Leadership, there are many articles worth a read.


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