Christmas cards or email?

Each year at around this time, after school is out, I make the decision whether to send out Christmas cards or not.  Yes, I should do this earlier in December, but it just doesn’t happen.  I spend some time writing a yearly note updating the year’s activities and family events.  Some years, I have emailed that letter out to those on my list who have email.  Other years, I have either purchased or created a picture Christmas card to send with the letter.   For this year, I found it just too easy to click onto the Walgreens online photo center, make my Christmas card with my daughter’s graduation picture (you can see the picture here).   In less than 24 hours, my Christmas cards are ready to pick up – at a price less than it would cost for a box of regular Christmas cards.

I wonder to myself, do people like receiving Christmas cards or do they prefer an email of yearly updates?  I see others are asking the same question.  I’m thinking people like receiving a print Christmas cards and notes rather than an email linked to an electronic Christmas message.  I know that I do.  I do like collecting the cards and notes out of my physical mail box and then opening the cards.  Usually I will wait to open several cards at the same time so I can sit down and enjoy them while reflecting on these relationships.   There are friends from high school, college, family members, and others I have met along the way.  All connected by sending  Christmas cards.

So, yes, I do like receiving the physical Christmas card note – I wonder if this is a generational thing or if the “Net” generation likes receiving physical cards as well.  I do receive some of those electronic “Happy Holiday” emails, but they are mostly from organizations.  And, although I appreciate being remembered by them, I know that they are simply connecting my name in a database to send out the holiday message.  But, you know what, someone in that organization did have to decide to do this and that is a connection – although not the same as the physical cards I receive from friends and family.  Connecting…that’s what it’s all about.

Happy Holidays!


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