Second Life used in workshop

One of the stretches for me in the Library 2.0 workshop I presented yesterday was actually going into Second Life (SL)to have a conversation with a couple of people.  I plugged in my headphone into the microphone plug, while plugging in computer speakers into the speaker plug on my computer.  This allowed the audience to hear the conversation and watch the interaction between the three of us.  This technology worked perfectly.

It was a pleasure having Mike Eisenberg (MB44 Husky in SL) and Donavan Vicha (Oberon in SL) visit the workshop via Second Live to share their thoughts about the use of SL in libraries.  Mike, one of the authors of the Big6 Information Problem Solving System and Dean Emeritus of the iSchool at the University of Washington visited from Washington while Donavan visited from Chicago where he works for the American Library Association.

The two discussed how SL should be thought of as a different space where library professionals have opportunities to connect users to information.  ALA is conducting many meetings and workshops in SL, while the University of Washington iSchool is conducting many parts of their courses in SL.

Another great demonstration of the power of technology and interaction that allowed these two outstanding individuals to take a few minutes out of their day to talk with the attendees in this workshop.  Here was our picture chatting on the AASL Island in SL.

On AASL Island in SL

On AASL Island in SL


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