Lots of learning today

Today, my learning was increased because of three events.  First, the education advisors for presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain debated their candidate’s educational policies.  It was enjoyable listening to two education experts – Linda Darling-Hammond, education adviser to Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, and Lisa Graham Keegan, education adviser to Republican nominee John McCain.  Both educators made it clear where their candidates stand on education.  During the presentation, live “Twitter” comments provided engaging commentary while listening to the webcast.  The archive is here.

Next, I logged into Second Life to listen to David Loertscher discuss the direction of school libraries.  I learned about this from Joyce Valenza’s tweet which lead me to her blog posting about the event.  I, in turn, emailed the teacher-librarians in my district in case they wanted to listen in as well.  Dr. Loerstscher shared ideas from his new book entitled: The New Learning Commons Where Learners Win: Reinventing School Libraries and Computer Labs. He shared that the idea is to create a learning commons in the school, preferrably near the school library where all specialists in the school can be housed.  The synergy of learning can occur when specialists interact on a daily basis.

Finally, the Britannica blog is having several guest bloggers post thoughts each day this week regarding “Brave New Classroom Learning 2.0”.  Today, Michael Wesch, antropologist and insightful You Tub-er shared his thoughts along with Mark Bauerline who wrote the book, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future.


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