Daughter gets roomate

My daughter is going off to college in August.  She will be attending Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo which allows students to stay in the dorms.  She is attending Cuesta because she did not get into Cal Poly, which is where she really wants to attend.  There were several things working against her in getting into Cal Poly, least of which was her GPA or test scores.  First, the California budget problems caused Cal Poly to accept fewer freshman students this year and secondly, more students applied to colleges this year.  Despite this, I was proud that, after dealing with the disappointment, my daughter charted a new path to college, enrolled in Cuesta College and then applied to get into the nearby dorms that house both Cal Poly and Cuesta College students.

My daughter just called to let me know that she had gotten her roomate’s name and email address.  Rather than emailing the other girl – her name is Amber – she got on Facebook and searched for Amber’s facebook page (you can search by a person’s email address to locate a Facebook page).  Sure enough, she found Amber on Facebook and messaged her.  Amber responded and they are now “friends” on Facebook learning about one another and sharing ideas about how to decorate their dorm room.  They will meet in person on move-in day in August.   Another example of how the digital generation communicates.


1 Response to “Daughter gets roomate”

  1. 1 Amy August 27, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Facebook is a wonderful tool for finding information about roommates.
    I am actually going to Cal Poly this fall, as a Freshmen. It was extremely competitive. And somewhat overcrowded. I applied for housing about two weeks after applications for housing opened. I am now stuck in a triple room in the “old” dorms.
    Oh, and if you’re looking for positives, my tuition just went up $4,000. Thank you budget cuts.
    I have a friend who goes go Cuesta and absolutely loves it, so I wish your daughter luck!

    Another wonderful thing about the “digital generation” – I have no idea who you are, but I can wish your daughter luck in college.
    That is pretty unique. =)

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