Powerful video about change

It starts out “Learning to Change…Changing to Learn” and then many experts in the field of educational technology talk about change and school.  Many of the realities that many of us already know about – all put together – make for a powerful video to share with many groups:

  • Keith Kruger from the Consortium for School Networking says that schools rate 55 on a list of industries rated for their “IT intensiveness” – below coal mining.
  • Julie Evans from Project Tomorrow points out that kids are great content developers with social networking, text messaging and other devices, but all of these things are banned in school.
  • Susan Patrick, CEO of NACOL, explains that students working online connect to resources that will fundamentally shift their academic experience and make them better prepared for college and for life.

Many of the people on this video were recently named the “Top 10 Who’ve Made a Difference” by eschool news.  The video includes comments from others you’ll recognize such as Chris Dede and Daniel Pink and many others.

Thanks to David Warlick, Scott McLeod and Richard Byrne for bringing this video to our attention. (Darn, YouTube is not functioning well right now, so I can’t paste it below, I’ll have to do it later)

Here is the link.


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