NCLB tests – contrasts in taking a stand!

This is the time of the year when most school districts are completing their standardized testing as part of the NCLB requirements.  We all know that if we don’t administer these tests, we are in danger of losing federal funding in our school districts.  Here are two articles that an offer contrasting views of the yearly tests.

In Texas, this article caught my attention as a way to encourage students to do their best.  “Grand Prairie students who pass the state TAKS tests could get a present next year: eight days off from school.” How would you like some days off school for doing well on a state mandated test?  Sounds like a novel approach to me.

In an interesting contrast, in Washington, Mr. Chew, a science teacher refused to give the test and was suspended for two weeks.  “Carl Chew, 60, who teaches science, wanted to take a stand against a test he considers harmful to students, teachers, schools and families.”   Apparently, the test in Washington causes many physical ailments in students.  I wonder if all students across the nation get physical ailments because of the yearly battery of tests, or if it is just the test in Washington that is difficult?


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