IL or ICT?

The term “information literacy” was first used in 1974 by the president of the Information Industry Association.  The real definition of the term was further refined by Christina Doyle in 1974 her document, “Information Literacy in an Information Society.”  The American Library Association and various divisions of ALA further defined the importance of information literacy in two publications, Information Power (1989) and then Information Power: Partnerships (1998).  More recently, the American Association of School Librarians released the “Standards for the 21st Century Learner,” which includes references to the importance of information literacy as well as technology and communications technologies.

The other term making it’s way into the mainstream vocabulary is “Information and Communications Technology” or ICT.  The definition, formalized in 2002 is: ” ICT proficiency is the ability to use digital technology, communication tools, and/or networks to define an information need, access, manage, integrate and evaluate information, create new information or knowledge and be able to communicate this information to others.”  It appears now that ICT incorporates information literacy principles.  And, this has morphed into ICT Digital Literacy.

Seems like were in the midst of a transition from IL to ICT.

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