Superintendent chat – what should I say?

Each year in California, superintendents, assistant superintendents and district administrators meet at Asilomar in Monterey for the Curriculum Symposium.  There is a theme each year, and this year, the theme is history-social science.  Because I am the project director of a Teaching American History grant and utilize technology in the grant, I am invited to be part of this history-social science panel focusing on technology.  I’ve got the history angle covered, but would love some input on what I might challenge these administrators to do regarding technology.  So, what would you recommend I say to these district administrators about technology and education?


2 Responses to “Superintendent chat – what should I say?”

  1. 1 JackieS February 18, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Don’t say, show.
    Demonstrate some of the cool history-social studies projects created on web 2.0 tools.

    Then promote Classroom Learning 2.0 as a way to get more classroom teachers to be web 2.0 savvy so they can invite students to use the technology — NO FEAR!

  2. 2 bibliofan February 19, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    I think they need to be reminded that we are preparing today’s students to work in a global jobs community. Tomorrow’s jobs will depend on the ability of tomorrow’s adults to access and USE technology to advantage. We can no longer allow our fear of Myspace, Facebook and YouTube, etc, to rule our decisions about the use of technology.

    See video Students 2.0

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