AASL Day 4 – Presentations and thoughts

Our presentation went well today.  We shared ways to start using 2.0 tools and ways we have used some of these tools.  Feel free to see what we did in “Expanding Opportunities with Web 2.0” our our wiki.

Some other web 2.0 presentations to look at:

School Library Media 2.0 by Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson

Reimagine, Rejuvenate, Renew by Joyce Valenza 

Using the Big6 and Standards   by Mike Eisenberg

Handouts from the conference can be found here.

A few thoughts about the AASL conference.  It was wonderful interacting with people from across the country.  The exhibit only time allowed for this networking time.  The overall format of the conference, preconference workshop times, sessions, and evening events were all well organized and times.  The keynote speakers, especially Dan Pink, were fabulous.  The “One Book, One Conference” book sharing gathering was very engaging and interactive.  The wireless access throughout the conference center was most appreciated so entries such as this could be posted in real time.

I wonder if any of the conference sessions were podcasted or will be available for downloading in the future?  It is sad if they are not.  If they are, hopefully, they will be posted on the AASL Blog.  Why was there not a “blog” meeting for library bloggers?   Or, maybe there was and I missed it?  It was a pain not having the hotels near the conference center.  And the evening events were spread out too far.  It would be nice to have events all within walking distance.

Overall, it was a wonderful conference!  Looking forward to Charlotte, North Carolina in two years.

3 Responses to “AASL Day 4 – Presentations and thoughts”

  1. 1 clnelson October 27, 2007 at 3:57 pm

    I asked another aasl blogger about any backchanneling going on–if perhaps any attendees would open skype and conf call in some or at least bounce key points in a chat like we did at Necc. I also tossed in that someone could Ustream a session or two (with permission of course) so that those less fortunate could at least attend virtually. NO DICE. She shot that down, only telling me that many of the sessions were being videoed and would be for sale later after the conference. Here I will quote it for u…
    “…they are selling them on a DVD. One issue may be that the conference wants to give attendees first chance, then maybe putting out the recordings later. If you can listen in without paying, how would they do a conference in the future…”
    To this I say baloney. Being there would be far better than listening in, but alas, as with most big organizations, the higher ups are more worried about how much it might cost them. Now I am considering dropping my ALA (and AASL memberships) since obviously Im not even a blip on their radar. This person is blogging the conference, as are you. But it seems the other one is concerned that she is costing the organization. Tsk Tsk. Just turned me off to the whole concept. Sorry, but that smarted JUST a little. Im still venting a little. But it seems the answer to your question “Wonder if the sessions will be podcast later or videos shared?” the answer apparently is no, not unless someone can make a buck off of it. Too bad since the most vital component of a conference is the f2f networking, which NO podcast or video can replicate. So why not make them free? Its because someone wants to make a buck off those who could not afford to go for financial or scheduling conflict reasons.

    Sorry Rob. I sat on this all evening hoping I’d get over it. But I can’t seem to. If moderated, feel free to edit, whittle down, or not post at all. I’m just having a typical southern hissy fit.

  2. 2 Cathy Nelson October 27, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    one more thought–my comment on that blog post of hers was never posted. Wonder why? $$$$

  3. 3 robdarrow October 27, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    Hi Cathy – Part of the democratic society we live in is the freedom to express our opinions. Together, we can move this great organization into the Web 2.0 world.

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