AASL and a Web 2.0 rating

Don’t get me wrong, I thought the AASL conference was fantastic.   There are sessions I missed that I would have liked to have listened in on after returning home.  At the AASL conference, all speakers were asked to share their handouts online, wireless access was available to all, and there were outstanding presentations, networking opportunities, and extensive exhibits.   However, if we were to rate the conference by Web 2.0 standards, it fell short.

In our AASL session today, we shared that the “read-write” web 2.0 world is: sharable, collaborative, personal investment, identity building, conversation and low or no cost.   And, I gained a lot from the various conversations I had in and out of the conference sessions.  However, my learning didn’t stop there because I was able to listen to presentations from other conferences taking place at the same time or in the past.

  • The K12 Online conference , totally free by the way,  had equally wonderful presentations and discussions that anyone, anytime can access, download and listen and learn.
  • The NECC Conference held in Atlanta in June 2007 continues to podcast the variety of sessione.
  • Pop Tech! which takes place in Maine every fall has their presentations available online.
  • The TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) invitation-only conference takes place each February in California and these presentations are shared.

Why did we not do this at the AASL conference?   The AASL weblog suggests that many of the presentations will be shared via the AASL e-academy for a cost!  During our presentation today, I turned on my ipod recorder and recorded our presentation.  It turned out pretty good.  It doesn’t take much to record a presentation – a microphone and an ipod; any apple computer; a Windows computer and Audacity.  It isn’t difficult to record a presentation…even if it isn’t perfect.

Joyce Valenza suggests the AASL conference was mostly Web 1.0.  Cathy Nelson was a bit disappointed as well that there were no other ways to participate in the conversation other than face-to-face.  We have two years until the next conference when I hope we can figure out a way to share the many outstanding presentations outside of the “conference center box.”

By the way, it was a pleasure chatting with Joyce in person at the AASL conference and wondering out loud what’s next in the library and Web 2.5 world.


2 Responses to “AASL and a Web 2.0 rating”

  1. 1 Cathy Nelson October 28, 2007 at 9:50 am

    Rob PLEASE let me know where your podcast will be? I am not familiar with your podcasts, and am always looking for podcasts that serve my needs as a teacher-librarian. And please tell me it won’t cost me something. I enjoyed this post, and feel HONORED to be mentioned in the very next sentence after Joyce Valenza!! I am no where near her level of expertise, so being in the same paragraph is a kudos! I am not sure how many LMS’s out there realize the power of utilizing our networks for personal learning. Also, did you know that TechForum in New York Friday had an attendee (Lisa Parisi) that Ustreamed (with permission and blessings no less) three different sessions, all presented by Alan November, Steve Dembo, David jakes, and Ryan Bretag. I was in my own state’s EdTech conference, enjoying sessions there and simultaneously participating in those. What is great about those is there is a chat feature, so you can interact with other participants watching the UStream. Best, David Jakes and Ryan Bretag talked to the UStream participants at times during their presentation. Now that is POWERFUL. It has made me wish for back-channellings at every conference I attend. Be sure to search for Lisa Parisi’s wiki that has archived those Ustreams, or go to my blog. I have a link in there too in yesterdays postings.

  2. 2 edh November 3, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Please tell me that AASL members will be able to access these presentations for free! I was at Internet@Schools West and missed everything except for the online release of the new standards from Reno… it will be a shame if I can’t catch up virtually (without paying!).

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