AASL Learning, Day 1

Here I am at the American Association of School Librarian’s conference here in Reno, Nevada. This is the view from out of my 26th floor window of the Circus Circus Hotel.

Reno view

I just had to go and walk around outside today because of the stellar weather and I get a bit tired of just being inside all the time (which it is easy to do when you’re in a Casino and convention center).

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Annette Lamb and Larry Johnson’s presentation entitled “School Library Media Specialist 2.0.” They did a great job of organizing the presentation and you can see it all here. The beauty of the workshop was the fact that I had my computer so I could go to see some of the great sites they shared. Two of my favorites were library thing, which continues to grow and give librarians and book lovers a place to go to share books and collections. The second was E-Nature. You can put in your zip code and this website will show you all the animals and birds that live in your region. We went there and were making bird noises during the workshop. Ok, and one more. Do you know about Pandora? It allows you to create your own radio station with the music and songs you want.

And from conversations with others:

GOOD NEWS: Libraries are using Moodle for their entire website.

QUESTIONABLE NEWS: A school district that forbids students from having an email address.

This evening will be Dan Pink (A Whole New Mind), who I am very much looking forward to hearing.

And, other learning from listening to podcasts: curriki is aiming to become the place where all K-12 online content can be stored and used by anyone. Makes you think about where the real learning takes place now and in the future. You can hear more about this from Curriki Executive Director Bobbi Kurshan in this podcast from Pop Tech 2006.


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