Stories from the San Diego fire

Watching the fires burn in San Diego made me think of my many friends and colleagues who live in the San Diego area. I flew through Los Angeles yesterday and the smoky skies are amazing – here is how it looked outside the airplane in LAX.


I sat next to a lady on the plane who said her grandchildren who live in Long Beach were not allowed out doors and that soot is spreading throughout the area. Now, Long Beach and Los Angeles are about 200 miles north of San Diego and where the fires are!

On the news this morning, I heard Christie Williams interviewed, who talked about seeing her house burn on TV. Then, I read about Christie and her family on her blog. I encourage you to share your thoughts and prayers with her as well.


1 Response to “Stories from the San Diego fire”

  1. 1 sylvia martinez October 25, 2007 at 1:44 pm

    Hi Rob,
    The fires here are pretty amazing. I live near Long Beach, and although the fires in San Diego are the big ones, there are fires in a large ring all around the Los Angeles basin. So the fires to the north and east of us are closer than the San Diego fire, and the smoke is blowing directly over us.

    Here’s a map of all the fires,0,6179739.htmlpage

    Now that the winds have died down it’s even worse for the air quality, although that’s a small price to pay since the calm winds have allowed the firefighters to slow the fires down for the first time in days. I feel very lucky that I’m only coughing, while many have lost their homes.

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