Email blocked!

This past week I learned that my email was not getting through to a company whose products we use in the school district.  There was some data that was not quite right and I was letting them know what needed to be adjusted.  After several weeks of learning that my email was not being received, I learned that my email was being blocked by the email filter of the company.  And, it wasn’t just because I was frustrated with the data not being accurate!

Turns out that my “email signature” was the problem.  About a month ago, I added to my email signature block and included the line “Rob’s Blog –“.  After research by a company representative, they have now “white listed” my email along with the signature that includes Rob’s Blog.

So, at first I’m angry because I spent the last two weeks emailing with company representatives and got no response (though this is no fault of the outstanding representatives that work with me).   I did call them on the phone and we got things resolved.  Secondly, I know school districts have to filter websites, and, in some cases, email to avoid email spam.  Overall, I guess I am surprised that companies filter out email of customers based on words in the email and/or the signature line.  I guess this is just another example of someone at some level deciding what we should read and/or receive in our companies and school districts.

In this increasingly collaborative world, organizations and school districts should be including many people in decisions such as web or email filtering so we all undestand how and why these decisions were made.  Too often, it seems that it is one or two people that make decisions that affect the efficiency of many others in the organization.  And then, it is us “end users” that are left scratching our heads and wondering why.


2 Responses to “Email blocked!”

  1. 1 clnelson September 8, 2007 at 10:00 am

    Yes I’m bothered by this to, since I have my blog as a part of my signature file. But I haven’t a clue if my emails are ailing to go thorugh yet. This just creeps me to no end. I so want to be ahead of the game, but the laggers keep pulling me back. Guess the implication here is that it should not be in my sig file since I work for the top blocking industry in the world–public schools. SHUCKS!

  2. 2 Megan Fuller September 10, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    Playing a bit of Devil’s advocate here. In a perfect world, spam would not be an issue, but since spammers are out there selling viagra through e-mail, I suppose companies need some way to cut down on the unsolicited bulk mailings…and yes, one way is to block blog addresses, which are usually used in advertising schemes.
    So try adding your blog address in your heading, rather than the sig.

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