Michael Stephens over at Tame the Web posted a very powerful series of thoughts today and they have tremendous ramifications for all libraries.  Among several things, he said,  “Furthermore, the line between information tools, social software, games and productivity tools is thoroughly blurred by now. To expect that we can choose what part of the technology we will help patrons with is simply unrealistic.”

And for those of you who are participating in our School Library Learning 2.0 23 Things, let this be another encouragement to keep working through those 23 Things!  And, for those who have not yet started, join us today!  This stuff is important for the future of all of our libraries!

Michael ended his post encouraging all of us, “When you’re confronted with blogging instead of writing the “What’s New at the Library” newsletter, or asked to participate in a Learning 2.0 course as part of your job, or recruited to implement a game program for teens at the library, think about this post and about the “blurred lines” between information, play and social interaction.”


1 Response to “Powerful!”

  1. 1 tarpeylibrary August 30, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    Ok, I have “officially” started on the School Library Learning and so far I realize how little I do know!

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