SLL2.0 and flickr ideas

I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.  However, I’m not very good at writing jokes or putting together pictures with jokes.  With the SLL2.0 23 Things, the people writing the blogs I have been following, DO have a wonderful sense of humor and insights into how to “mash up” ideas from the library with a variety of picture and image generators (See Thing 6 and Thing 10) .

  • The Comet Librarian has put together an incredible poster and a cute cat that is thinking about libraries.
  • At DeJong Space, Randy has created some cool library cartoons (those “Happy Feet” penguins would be proud!),
  • The Book Lady has mastered the art of combining personal pictures with interesting effects and library sayings.
  • The Book Case blog has learned about Flickr and MashUps, but because she is having to share a computer with 3 computers while on vacation, she will post her creations when she is back home.

As of today, we have had 10 people finish the SLL2.0 23 Things…looking forward to reading the other postings in the weeks to come!


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