Screen freeze day

So, today I decide it is time to get back into blogging.  I’ve been out of town at National History Day and then on a study trip to Philadelphia with our Teaching American History grant.  I wanted to highlight the School Library Learning 2.0 (or SLL2.0) which is the school library version of 23 Things and the great blogs being created. 

After reading through various posts, I decide what I wanted to post and my computer freezes…I get the message “the amount of available memory on your computer is critically low.”  I had just updated all my podcasts and almost maxed out the computer memory!  

Then, I head to the gym with my ipod.  Part way through listening to some of the NECC 2007 podcasts, my ipod freezes.  (Learned that the ipod doesn’t run so well without the battery charged!) Don’t you just love days like this??


1 Response to “Screen freeze day”

  1. 1 Jackie July 12, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    Rob, good to hear you are doing what you’re doing. The students who are taking the Fresno Pacific University course along with School Library Learning 2.0 are in for a treat, with you as a guide. See you in SF next week.

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