School Library Learning 2.0 continues!

I have been following a number of the California School Library Learning 2.0 blogs.  We have all learned how important it is to tag things in certain ways so we can find each other.

CSLA2.0 blogger points out:  “Tagging your blog makes it easier to search. If this were a commercial blog I would want my blog to come up in as many search engines and blog searchers as possible.”

Bibliomaniac observes that: “All these millions of young people looking for the meaning of life, posting their khaki lives of heartache. They seem so hopeless, it makes me ask; Has Social Networking become the Soma of the 21st century?

Some great videos have been created by these participants.  Take a look at “What a book can do for you” and “thank you video” from Bibliomaniac.

The Curriculum Connections Wiki we are using for SLL2.0 continues to grow.  One idea shared by Randy DeJong suggested creating a magazine picture to introduce a new unit or book.

There are now over 100 people participating in SLL2.0.  There is still time for you to join!

1 Response to “School Library Learning 2.0 continues!”

  1. 1 Jackie June 29, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    California dreamer, so glad you are on the CSLA 2.0 Team and cheering on so many School Library Learning 2.0 participants. Those bloggers are having so much fun!

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