Web 2.0 and School 2.0 diagrams

It is great to see more revised diagrams of web 2.0 and school 2.0 as a result of keynotes and conferences attended by Steve Hargadon and David Warlick a few weeks back.

First, Steve Hargadon, following his keynote at the California Central Valley CUE gathering, reflected about school 2.0 and added some nice diagrams following his keynote:

Web 2.0 has really been the flowering of new relationships between individuals and businesses, and reflects new ways of thinking that the technology has facilitated or created.

Across the nation in central North Carolina, at the MEGA showcase conference, David Warlick wrote about the changing vision of school and teaching and learning.  Included in his post, is a diagram showing the new “literacy”, he pointed out:

“There are two things that we do know that connect directly to our current vision of school.

  1. The nature of information has changed (digital, networked, overwhelming, unconstrained)
  2. We can not clearly describe the future we are preparing our children for.

From these ideas, two demands rise.

  1. That we redefine literacy (one literacy) to reflect an increasingly digital, networked… information environment.
  2. That we teach our children to be life long learners.

It is the continuing vision of the collective people such as Steve and David that help all of us to better help to transform our thinking and the thinking of educators across the nation!

1 Response to “Web 2.0 and School 2.0 diagrams”

  1. 1 Steve Hargadon May 14, 2007 at 9:58 pm


    I’ve been meaning to ping you, since my daughter was a finalist in the California History Day competition in Long Beach. If I’d known in advance you’d be there, I’d have tried to look you up. Glad the diagrams resonated with you.


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