23 Things Expanding

The power of collaboration and networking is evident from the number of recent posts regarding the various iterations of 23 Things.

Jackie Siminitus over at Library Advocate explains more about our School Library 2.0 23 things and she has a 2CoolTools Blog as well.

The Librarian in Black has highlighted the various 23 Things going in California and then, of course, as she does so well, expands on the access to the 23 things by showing us a map and a list of del.icio.us links of the variety of 23 Things that have or are occurring.

Thanks also to the AASL Blog for adding to the publicity.

And, one of our first new 2.0 bloggers is Helen from Santa Barbara.  Way to go Helen!

You’re welcome to join us in our school library 2.0 23 Things!


1 Response to “23 Things Expanding”

  1. 1 Helen Murdoch May 22, 2007 at 6:16 pm

    I was doing my “thing #13” and went to technorati as instructed. I typed in my blog expecting to find no hits and I saw one…on your blog! I am so excited! I had no idea a hit would affect me like that. It made me feel connected to the 2.0 world. Thanks Rob!

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