Distance Learning Today in USA Today

Today’s issue of USA Today (April 27,  2007) includes the second issue of “Distance Learning Today” produced by the US Distance Learning Association.  The articles include timely topics such as the making the grade online, digital textbooks, and another success story from the Florida Virtual School.  All of the articles provide further evidence of the changing landscape of education.

Some of the key quotes from some of the articles:

“Those who will succeed in our global marketplace have learned to learn from each other and, importantly, to teach each other.”

“Employers increasingly cite distance learning as a key to increased employee satisfaction and retention…and expect the role of online high education to increase in their organizations in the next two or three years.”

“Florida Virtual School’s (Middle and High School) total population has grown from 77 enrollments in 1997 to almost 56,000 in 2006. “


1 Response to “Distance Learning Today in USA Today”

  1. 1 rodbrent October 21, 2008 at 10:40 am

    I thought that you and your audience might like to know that National Distance Learning Week is coming up this November 10. I just interviewed the National Director, Dr. Ken Hartman. You can hear the interview and learn more at http://www.RodsPulsePodcast.com.

    Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D.

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