Do blogs help or hinder job prospects?

I was intrgued by this posting by Steve Poling, a principal at DeGrazia Elementary School in Arizona.  He asked the question, “Is it a risk to put yourself out there in a blog?”

I had a conversation with a principal today about starting a blog.  In the conversation, we agreed that blogging is one way for a principal to help set the culture of the school.  Writing a blog with thoughts about the school and leadership communicates ideas in a way that a personal presentation or monthly newsletter cannot. 

And, I think blogging is a way for a person to share who they are – their beliefs, their ideas, their thoughts and dreams.   If postings deal with ones beliefs, ideas, thoughts and dreams, then I think it can only enhance future job prospects.  I would hope that people today who are hiring educators in a variety of positions would consider it a plus for a person to have a blog.

On the converse, let’s say an employer reads a possible job applicant’s blog and doesn’t like what he reads?  In all jobs, we often talk about a “fit” for the job and the applicant.  If the potential employer does not like the applicant’s blog, then the job is not the right fit.

I think a blog is one way of showing a potential employer more about who you are as a person than a resume or letter of application or letters of recommendation.

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