Blackboard scholar a la, but for education

Scott Leslie over at EdTechPost alerts us to the fact that Blackboard has lauched a social bookmarking system called “Scholar.”  What is not clear to me is if the general public can become part of this or just Blackboard users.  I do like the idea of one place that is focused on education and part of the premise is to tag websites based on educational topics, etc.

On Blackboard’s blog, they explain a little more:

“What makes Scholar different from other social bookmarking services you may have used or heard of (e.g. is how it works in an education setting…But a lot of the cool stuff that’s the “customized for education” part requires a Blackboard Building Block or PowerLink to be installed on your Blackboard Learning System. “

I’m not sure if this means you have to pay for this or if it is open for anyone to use it?  Come on, Blackboard, those of us who use Blackboard know that we can easily link to categories that are already set up in from within Blackboard.   However, as I previously stated, I do like the idea of a place for social networking bookmarks just for education.  I do hope it will be available for everyone and not just for Blackboard users!   Personally, I couldn’t figure out how to create an account for myself.


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