Maplewood, NJ library to remain open

Thanks to Stephen at Library Stuff  for alerting us to the fact that the Maplewood, NJ library will remain open after school for students (NYT Jan. 15; see my blog posting from Jan. 2 ).  In addition to other solutions, the Maplewood community will establish:

A once-a-week program at a church has been expanded to three days, and plans are being made to open up the middle school gym or cafeteria for another two days.

Family Connections, a state-supported nonprofit organization, will be passing out information to students on Tuesday encouraging them to participate in its forthcoming recreational and life-skills program.

And on Jan. 23, a consulting firm, Global Pact, will be meeting with middle-school students to discuss their interests and help them develop alternative after-school activities.

Mayor Fred R. Profeta Jr. has also offered to provide security guards at the libraries, calling the disruptive behavior a public safety issue.”

I’ll bet that once the students are involved in these conversations, that they will help to make the library an even more inviting place for all community members to be!  Another story about the importance for having libraries and access for all.

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