Tech Trends 2007 – You can vote!

Chris Anderson (author of the Long Tail and editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine) writes on his blog about how they are changing to “use of public voting and reader submission tools” over at Wired Magazine.  They have started this out by listing what they believe to be the “tech trends” of 2007.  On their blog, anyone can vote to move a trend higher or lower.  Then, the editors will take the top 5 or so and write more about the chosen topics.  So, do take a minute to read through the trends  and vote for the ones you most agree with!  Or, you can even add a trend that is not listed!

After adding my votes, my thinking switched to how this could be used in education or for libraries.  How interactive it would be to have a classroom website that would include these capabilities, such as:  voting which books young people would most recommend to others or students identifying the pivotal events of the Civil War or which science discovery in 1920 helped launch the space program of the 1960s or which painting is most consistent with the impressionism painters.


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