Macworld educator’s symposium today – sharing sessions

Although I can’t make it to the Macworld educator’s symposium in San Francisco, it is great to read about the presentations that will be made by some of those on the panel.  Specifically, we were given a preview of Wes Fryer’s video about safe blogging and Hall Davidson’s slides about “MegaVCRs“.  Both of these presentations were shared via their blogs.  I looked for other presenter handouts/presentations but could not find them.  Hopefully Wes or Hall will help to some how link the rest of the presenters stuff for the rest of us who can’t attend.

Yesterday, it was great to read and see Engadget’s comments and running commentary about Steve Job’s keynote while the keynote was occurring!  This was way cool!

Over at the CES conference in Las Vegas, it was great to read, see and hear about  this interview of Bill Gates from Scobleizer on Jan. 7. 

Just in time learning for just in time learners and teachers!  Thanks to these bloggers and others for enhancing my learning of what is happening, even though I can’t attend in person.


1 Response to “Macworld educator’s symposium today – sharing sessions”

  1. 1 Wesley Fryer January 14, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    Glad you’re finding these resources from MacWorld of interest! I have all the K-12 Market Symposium preso’s published except Halls, and I hope to do some editing later this week and have it published. (He didn’t stay by the podium, so the volume levels on his recording need some boosting.)

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