Daughter passes one performance based test

My daughter, who is now 17, just passed one of the few performance based tests she has had to take:  her driver’s test!    Yep, she just missed 8 points on the driver’s test, so she can now have her driver’s license.  She was extremely nervous and was very proud of herself once she had passed.  I told her ahead of time that it was a great kind of test.  If she didn’t pass the first time, she could take it again.

I couldn’t help but think about how few performance based tests there have been in her 12 years of schooling.  Maybe the last one was in first or second grade when she had to create something for an art project.  And, I wonder when the next one will be – probably in her first job after she goes through college.  It is unfortunate that her success in school is measured by multiple choice tests and written essays.  And, from what I hear, the same will occur in college.

It is interesting to contrast this with all of the Web 2.0 tools, including social networking websites like MySpace.  To be part of Web 2.0 is really a performance based experience.   My daughter experiences her Web 2.0 learning through MySpace, like the 12 million other American teens, outside of the school day.


1 Response to “Daughter passes one performance based test”

  1. 1 Doug Johnson January 10, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    Hi Rob,

    I enjoyed this post. Not long ago my son also passed the performance portion of the driving test – the actual driving test – on three tries. He had no problem with the multiple guess, but the examiner felt he should look both ways going through a yield sign and not make a left hand turn from the right lane on a one-way street. Picky, picky.

    At first when he failed, I was sort of mad since it meant I had to take him back to the license place. But on reflection, I’m really glad the examiners were fussy. Hey, I am sharing the road with these young drivers.

    Performance based assessments are few and far between in public education, and not for the good.

    Thanks again for the post and good luck to you and your daughter. In only 8 years your insurance rates will go down again.


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