Teens and social networking report

David Warlick points us to the newly released Pew Internet report about teens and social networking.   We learn that 55% of American teens (ages 12-17) are members of a social networking group.  The report states that 92% of the teens surveyed have a profile at either MySpace (85%) or Facebook (7%).  I was happy to read that the survey found that 66% of those with a social networking account have their profile set to “private” which means only their chosen “friends” can view their profile, pictures, comments and blog entries. 

In articles I have written about MySpace and students in the Clovis Unified School district, I cautioned students to set their profiles to private for their own protection.  Students themselves told me that a basic rule of social networking groups is to not accept someone as a “friend” unless you know them. 

Finally, I think it is also interesting that the report shows that 70% of older girls (15-17) compared to 54% of older boys have created a social networking profile.  It wasn’t too long ago that educators were concerned that girls weren’t gravitating to technology. 

After reading this report, it was interesting to read the post by Anastasia at Ypulse about Teen Tech Trends for 2007.  Number 5 on this list was: “#5- Students will no longer see value in formal education as much as street education. ”  I wonder if and when social networking will merge with formal education?


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